Cam Beachley

Cam is from Charlotte, NC but he currently resides in Kingsport, TN or on a tour bus/airplane/hotel somewhere. Cam is currently employed as an Audio Engineer with Clair Global out of Nashville, TN. He discovered CrossFit in 2009, while walking on a treadmill at a local globo gym. Watching the work capacity of the competing athletes was inspiring and he was getting burnt out doing bodybuilding style workouts. Since finding CrossFit, he has been sharing his story of being a former fat guy and trying to inspire others to get off of their asses and MOVE. Before CrossFit, his exercise routine consisted of Oreos and root beer.

Cam is also owner and coach at CrossFit Kingsport. He holds a Level 1 Certification as well as NASM and USAW. He intends to be the best gym owner as he can be and keep his clients inspired.

Favorite lift? - Squats and Deadlifts
Favorite gymnastics movement? - Planche
Favorite cheat meal? - Wings
If there were a WOD named after you, what would it be? - "The MotherF*c#er" - half mile of burpee broad jumps, 200 pull ups and then another half mile of burpee broad jumps.

Heath Walling

Heath is from Kingsport, Tennessee. He currently attends ETSU where he is pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science. Heath joined CrossFit Kingsport in December, 2013 as a way to get in shape. Prior to finding Crossfit, he participated in wrestling, running and general weight lifting. He also enjoys hiking and spending time with friends and family. Heath is currently a trainer at Crossfit Kingsport and employed by Food City. He holds a Level 1 Certification. Future plans include higher level CrossFit certifications.

Favorite lift? - Snatch
Favorite gymnastics movement? - Handstand Walks
Favorite cheat meal? - Hot Dog Hut
If there were a WOD named after you, what would it be? - The Heath Bar, involving Bar Muscle ups

Holly English

Holly is from Kingsport, Tennessee. She is a school-based mental health therapist and loves her kids. Holly played volleyball at Milligan College during undergrad and found Crossfit during grad school to relieve stress and workout with her sister. She also enjoys mindfulness, hiking, biking, and anything outside in nature. She currently has her Level 1 and plans to continue coaching and learning.

Favorite lift? - Clean
Favorite gymnastics movement? - Handstand walking...anything but dips, really
Favorite cheat meal? - Chick-Fil-A
If there were a WOD named after you, what would it be? - Dark Place - long endurance workout, where you go to the dark place

Olivia Mitcham

Olivia is from Nashville, TN and moved to this area to attend ETSU. There, she met her husband Craig who is from Kingsport. They are currently living in the area while he finishes medical school. Olivia enjoys working out, eating ice cream, playing with her dogs and traveling any chance she gets (especially to the beach). Olivia has been into CrossFit for about 6 years now and has been coaching with her Level 1 for a little over a year. Future plans include getting her CrossFit gymnastics and CrossFit kids certification.

Favorite lift? - Snatch (Full squat or Power) and Clean and Jerk because I can't have just one favorite!
Favorite gymnastics movement? - Handstand Push-Ups
Favorite cheat meal? - Thai Food topped off with Ben and Jerrys Chocolate Therapy and Raspberry Sorbet
If there were a WOD named after you, what would it be? - Spit Fire - 2 RFT: 100 Double Unders / 50 HSPU / 40 Pistols / 30 T2B / 20 Hang Power Snatch / 100 Double Unders

Scott Glover

Scott is from Kingsport, Tennessee. Scott found CrossFit six years ago (coaching for 3). Coming from a martial arts background, CrossFit is the perfect compliment for training as it develops all aspects of fitness. Prior to finding CrossFit, Scott's training included the local Globo Gym and Martial Arts. Outside of the gym, Scott is a beggar, in training to be a fisher of men, and loves to spend time with family/friends. Scott is currently a trainer at CrossFit Kingsport and he holds a Level 1 Certification. His future plans include continuing to coach and going for his Level 2 Certification.

Favorite lift? - Clean & Jerk
Favorite gymnastics movement? - Handstand Walks
Favorite cheat meal? - Anything involving a potato
If there were a WOD named after you, what would it be? - Man of Steel