CrossFit begins with a belief that infusing fitness with fellowship yields the greatest results. Unlike most gyms, we believe that the daily grind of working out should be a team effort, and that it should be fun.

CrossFit is a scientifically sound training program based on performing constantly varied and functional movements at high intensities. Our workouts are comprised of an infinite variety of weightlifting, gymnastics, and metabolic conditioning in as many different time intervals and rep schemes as possible.

CrossFit, by design a sport, and the difference in CrossFit and a typical gym routine is similar to the difference in playing basketball and running wind sprints for an hour. We make sure to incorporate every exercise with the needs of your entire body. It is not just focused on your getting the right fit and measure but also your health as a whole. Before starting the routine we use the Cellercise mini fitness trampoline outsourced from Utah, designed for every part of your body. Here, we can make sure that you are in right condition to receive your over-all transformation. It shall be for a health heart, stress reduction, muscles, balance, respiratory and many more! Leaving all of you with the fresh outlook and motivation to finish the routine.






No two CrossFit affiliates are the same. Our dedication to safety, the family environment and the results our members see are what sets us apart.




With experience, comes a dedication to safety. Our CrossFit 101 course allows us to not only teach you the foundational movements of CrossFit, but it allows us to get to know your mobility limitations, your strengths, your weaknesses, and your personality. In our CrossFit classes, we scale the load and intensity of the workout to match your fitness level and personal goals.




At our box, we are family. We encourage, support and cheer each other on in every class. We also love children at Crossfit Kingsport and we encourage you to bring them so that they are able to see you living an active lifestyle.




When our members are happy, we are happy. We give them the unique experience and the results they want. They keep coming back because they see their bodies change, they are able to do things they never thought they could, and they fall in love with the positive team atmosphere at CrossFit Kingsport.

Call (423) 390-8599 or email us to schedule your first class, or if you have any questions.

-- Credit CrossFit, Inc. for some of this information